More than a decade has passed into the whirls of time since the school was established. All these years, a significant number of students have thronged its corridors and conducted the sacred phenomenon of driving change in the educational scenario of the valley. These students have passed out to become agents of change in the outside world, and continued the motto of school: service before self, in great or small degree. It is now time for you – our alumni to share and interact with each other, and deposit their experiences with each other to herald a greater change. We invite you, our luminant alumni to come and shape the alumni chapter of DPS Srinagar. Your contributions, your experiences and your efforts are sought to make this chapter a repository of transformative change. Come and join us in multiplying your efforts, give wings to your experiences and rally your energies. Chip in with your suggestions, and proposals to give this idea a concrete shape. We rely on you to guide us through this embryonic stage, and sculpt this alumni chapter into one of the most sought after in the valley.

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